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“As a local contractor in Alaska, contending with snow and ice is a must. The safety of our employees in these conditions is one of our highest priorities.  Needing a solution to prevent slipping on our various pieces of equipment and trailers, we went to GripAll. Their staff applied XtremeGrip and LavaGrip to all of our trailer ramps and contact points on various pieces of heavy equipment.

Not only are the products aesthetically pleasing, but they have been extremely functional under demanding circumstances. I would highly recommend these products to anyone that is seeking a good looking, long-lasting surface for home or business applications. The limitations of where you can use these products is only your imagination.”

Shaun Rodriguez
General Manager 
R&D Environmental

“I have installed XtremeGrip on the top of my oil change bay. It looks great and works well. No one will slip on top of the bay no matter what has spilled on the ground, as long as we are standing on XtremeGrip. I have spilled transmission fluid, engine oil, gear oil, and anti-freeze on it, and it still holds tight. Even if we are reaching to the back of an engine compartment on our toes there is still no slipping.” 

Jeffrey P. Lockett Sr.
Express Lube & Repair

“On behalf of NGL Marine, LLC and NGL Energy Partners LLC, I wanted to send my thanks to Timco Marine for their generosity in supplying GripAll products for our MV Eagle and allowing us the privilege to test these products. In speaking with the vessels crew, GripAll products are working fantastic and are holding up very well to this environment. I believe these products are very fundamental and will improve safety onboard not only on our vessels, but across the marine industry in the prevention of slips, trips and falls due to the environment in which we work on the waterways. I am looking forward to having these product on our new equipment.”

Matthew Piserelle
Maintenance Coordinator
NGL Marine, LLC

“Like many others in the industry, we have found ourselves with an uncomfortable number of slips, trips, and falls within our incident reporting system. Much of our working environment is at the mercy of the elements and the rest is susceptible to things like fuel oil, gasoline, etc.
We have purchased XtremeGrip traction to test within our rail car loading control building. This buildings floor has been the focus of many different traction paper trials; all have had a limited effect on controlling slips.  This area is  classified as heavy industrial foot traffic. To date, the XtremeGrip has provided by far the best ongoing traction for our application. I look forward to using this product in other areas to provide the safest traction for our employees.”


Scott Randby 
Distribution Foreman
Williams Alaska Petroleum

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